Next Tuesday, July 23rd 2013, CIPLE and DEPLE July season exams will take place at IPOR. Detailed information about the duration, time and location of each of the components of the exam is given in the table below.


Candidates are also strongly advised to the read the CAPLE guidelines below in order to ensure that all exams take place according to the schedule and calendar above:

1. Candidates must come to the exam room 20 minutes before the start of the exam.

2. Candidates who arrive over 15 minutes late to the Reading Comprehension, Writing and Grammar components will not be allowed to take them. No delays are allowed for the Listening Comprehension component of the exam.
If candidates are either absent or late for the Speaking component, they can ask the Centre Coordinator to reschedule a new time for the exam. All delays or absences must be properly justified.
The candidates who, for reasons beyond their control, are not able to take the exam can request the transfer of their application to the following exam season at the same Exam Centre. This request must be formalized in writing until five weekdays after the day after the exam and it must be addressed to the Director of CAPLE and delivered to the Coordinator of the Exam Centre. The request must include a valid justification for the candidate’s absence. The transfer of the application to the next exam season may imply the payment of an extra fee.

3. No candidate can leave the exam room before the end time of the exam.

4. Candidates must bring to the exam the identification documents used to apply for the exam.

5. The use of cell phones, laptop computers or any other electronic devices during the exam is strictly forbidden.

6. Candidate can be excluded from the exam or have their exams cancelled if they:

a)     commit fraud: use of a dictionary or book, telephone, computer or any other electronic device; copy from another candidate’s exam;
b)     are late (over 15 minutes past the beginning of the exam);
c)     disturb other candidates during the;
d)     do not show up of one of the components of the exam;
e)     do not return the answer sheets and the exam to the person responsible for invigilating the exam;

7. Candidates cannot use corrective ink during the exam. They can only use a blue or black ink pen (Writing and Grammar Components), a pencil and a rubber (Reading Comprehension and Listening components) and the draft sheet provided by the Exam Centre.

8. Candidates must answer the questions in the answer sheet. Answers written in the draft sheet will not be taken into consideration. In the Writing component, candidates must also write down the number of words they wrote in the answer sheet.

9. Candidates cannot identify themselves anywhere in the exam sheets. Should this happen, the candidates in question will have their exams annulled. When a task requires that personal details be used, candidates should not use their own personal details.

10. During the exam, candidates cannot exchange any information, or their exam will be annulled.